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To request for a UEZ please fill in the information listed in your registration. By correctly completing the application, you will avoid delays in issuing UEZs.

What is the UEZ used for and how to properly fill in the UEZ issuance request can be found in the UEZ manual for users below:
Uživatelský manuál k UEZ (For candidates)
Uživatelský manuál k UEZ (for the contracting authority)
Uživatelský manuál k UEZ (for committee members)

Application for the e-signature in the system EVOSERVIS
Application for the e-signature in the system EVOSERVIS

I agree with General and commercial conditions a čestně prohlašuji, že všechny identifikační údaje jsou v souladu se zápisem v Obchodním nebo Živnostenském rejstříku. I am aware of that if I mentioned false information, I will face all subsequent proceeds in accordance with the laws of SR.
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